Resistance to the new government of the Memorandum. Statement of PAREMVASI, 17/07/2015
mercredi 22 juillet 2015
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Today’s government has no relation to the government elected on January 25th. Although its members are the same, its political direction is different. A coup has been staged, with the absolute overturn of the popular verdict, as it was expressed on January 25th and on July 5th. Tsipras’ government, voting for the third memorandum, keeps on the step made on the agreement of the 20th of February, preserves the country as a debt-colony, increases the anti-popular, recessionary policies, that take place the last 5 years.

Tsipras’ government broke away, not only from its electoral promises and the recent popular verdict, but also from what is the left ethics. The backstreet cadre of Megaron Maximou victimize those who disagree, distorts criticism, blackmail ethically and emotionally, terrify the people and the people of the left.

In full cooperation with the Media and the Ministers of the opposition, they targeted the chairwoman of the Parliament, whom is now hooted into the Parliament and constantly attacked by the memorandum-government staff.

They exclusively target G. Varoufakis, in order to drag away any responsibility from A. Tsipras, for the collapsion of the 5 month ‘negotiations’.

They target those who disagree with the Memorandum. A recent example of that, is the provocation against K. Lapavitsas, whom was presented from a ‘leak’ from Megaron Maximou as agreeing with V. Schäuble.

Any reference to national currency is incriminated, and so is whoever appears to incοrporate it (P. Lafazanis), when remaining under a complete disaster of the national and popular sovereignty is considered and presented to the public as the ‘responsible’ opinion by all the parties.

Again and again, the same terrorist dilemma is being used against the people : ‘either Memorandum or failure’. This dilemma is now posed by A. Tsipras and the government staff, following the lead of Samaras, Venizelos, Papadimos, Papandreou.

To all of the above, the parliamentarians of New Democracy, the Potami of corruption and Media, the dying PASOK, align with the leading group of SYRIZA, playing roles and organizing the attack against those who disagree. The private Media are now accepting Tsipras, and carry out the cleansing of SYRIZA and the framing of the national currency. The government’s leading group provocatively cooperates with those, who –up to the referendum- were trying hard to overturn Tsipras. This is not just a capitulation, this is ‘going with the enemy’.

This unjust, unethical, filthy behavior has already caused huge damage to the Left and the popular movement.

The attacks by the police in the demonstration against the third Memorandum was a clear intended provocation, by the close leading government group, aiming to terrorize the demonstrators. The resemblance with the governments before, is shaking. This attack shows that, no matter what, we do have a new government, without elections, even without a reshuffle.

The crime is now being completed, diffusing fear to the people, who watch numb and in shock, the fastest and greatest transformation, in the modern political history.

This particular government has no relation to the government of the Left, that the people voted for, in order to stop the memorandums. This government is now against the social needs, against national dignity, against the values and the ethics of the Left. Theslogan ‘itsusorthem’ remainstopical.